The profile of prisons and detention centres in Iraq falls well below international standards suffering from a poor legal system, dilapidated prison facilities, poor management, lack of respect for the human rights of prisoners with no direction to reform, but only detain and punish. With the current prison infrastructure and lack of respect for basic human rights, prisons have become the perfect breeding ground for producing professional criminals in the Iraqi community.

JNP through this project aims to address serious problems and shortcoming related to the prisons and detentions. JNP will work to harmonize and amend the legislation that organizes the prisons and detention centres. Legislation that is related to the management of prisons, punishment of convicts, the living environment of prisoners and detainees, rehabilitation and capacity building programs, reintegration to society, aftercare and continuous follow-up of convicts after their release. In order to improve both the laws and their implementation JNP proposes to:

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القاتل يصبح هو الضحية …

بسبب التحقيقات غير القانونية جريمة التعذيب في التحقيقات لا زالت مستمرة في الكثير من الجهات التي لها صلاحية التحقيق من اجل المزيد يرجى الاطلاع...